A New Year, A New World

Welcome back students! In particular, my heart goes out to the new Distance Education (DE) class here in Asheville, who started up last Friday.  As I begin my second year in the DE program, I reflect on my experience last year…oh the simple times!  And although that is far too simplified, the “newness” of this fall is proving to be a heavy load.  The sense of “mastery” that came with last year’s completion has come and gone, and this year, with the addition of a field placement (through Care Partners in Asheville), it is confirmed that I have officially reverted back to my old first year/first day self; perhaps more confused than when I started.  However, along with the anxiety of the new comes the excitement and eagerness of things to come.  And experiencing the energy of the experts in the field who inspire and teach remind me that I am exactly where I am supposed to be….even if I don’t know quite where that is at the moment.


About Sarah Smith

Greetings! My name is Sarah Smith and I am in my second year of the Mountain Area Distance Education program through the UNC Chapel Hill School of Social Work. I have the pleasure of living in Asheville while participating in the program and take full advantage of the beautiful mountains and unique community. During my first year, I continued my work as the Outreach Coordinator of the YMCA of Western North Carolina working with low income children and their families within the Asheville community. For my second year, I am inspired to begin my field placement for CarePartners Hospice in Asheville. I hope to continue in Direct Practice with Families and Children. Although my love for Asheville is genuine, I was born and raised in Ohio! You can find me at sarahss@email.unc.edu, or your local coffee house. Cheers.
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