Reasons why I love North Carolina

I’ve lived in North Carolina for over a year now and I can truly say that I LOVE it here! I grew up in Michigan  so I’m a Midwest girl at heart, but North Carolina has definitely stolen a piece of my heart and I’ll always have a special place for this state. A list of just a few of the things I love about North Carolina in no particular order

1. Weather: the weather here is a lot more mild than where I came from but you can still say that you experience all four seasons and I love that there’s a time of year for Iced Tea and a time of year for Hot Chocolate.

2. City meets Country: I live in Durham, NC not too far from Chapel Hill and both Durham and Chapel Hill are cities and have numerous things to do like shopping, eating, and other fun activities. But, if you need to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city the country is just a town away. Hillsborough, NC is home to Maple View Farm, a North Carolina dairy farm with fresh milk, ice cream and other dairy products. It sits in the county and is very picturesque and a great get away from the craziness of graduate school and University life.

3. Local events: When I moved here I was impressed by the numerous local events. By local I mean about 30 minutes or less away from UNC . A few of the events I have enjoyed include: North Carolina Railhawks soccer game they are North Carolina’s professional soccer team and their field is in Cary, NC about 30 min. from UNC, the African Children’s Choir performing in Chapel Hill, and sometimes one of the local bowling alley holds an event where each game is only $2.00 a piece.

Of course there are many more events and things I love about North Carolina but those are a few of my favorites and I’m also still finding new things I love about North Carolina on quite a regular basis. If you come to UNC as a student or just to visit the school know that the state has a lot to offer and it has something for everyone whether you like the city or the country, the mountains or the beach.

And to give you a quick look at one of the reasons I love North Carolina  here is my dad and I at the North Carolina Railhawks game!


About Brittany Anderson

Hi my name is Brittany Anderson and I am a full time advanced standing student at UNC Chapel Hill. The program started in May and I'm now in my second semester, I will graduate in May 2011! I am here to give you a student's perspective on the various aspects of the UNC Chapel Hill Advanced Standing MSW program and to help you as you decide if UNC's MSW program is the right choice for you whether you want to be advanced standing or decide to go another track like full time. My interests are medical social work with pediatric bone marrow transplant and pediatric hematology/oncology as well as social work with children who have physical disabilities. I am originally from Michigan but I went to undergrad in Illinois and now I live in North Carolina and the weather is so much nicer. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about the advanced standing program or UNC School of Social Work in general. My email is Best Wishes!
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