My Summer Field Experience

An important component of the School of Social Work curriculum is field education. During my first year I interned with a local Early Head Start Program. I was totally blown away by the experience…I never imagined I would like working with children. Prior to this experience I had not worked with young children (all of my clients were under the age of 3) and never really thought about ever working with babies. While this experience was a great learning opportunity I really want to tell you about my internship this summer.

Dual-degree students do not have to do an internship during the academic year, in their second year but need to complete the nearly 700 field hours during the summer. Additionally, we are tasked with finding an internship that meets both the School of Social Work and School of Public Health internship requirements. This summer I had the privilege of interning with Freedom from Hunger in Peru. While in Peru my intern partner and I conducted a health study with FINCA Peru, a micro-financing institution in Ayacucho Peru. Having traveled to South America was a wonderful professional and personal experience. I learned a lot about conducting health studies and expanded my understanding of the Peruvian culture. The country is exceptionally beautiful and the people are very welcoming.

In addition to the great learning experience I had the opportunity to see one of the most beautiful places in the world…Macchu Picchu. Check out the pictures!


About Lupe Huitron

Saludos a todos. My name is Lupe Huitron, I am a first generation Mexican immigrant from Jalisco Mexico. I call Washington my home and moved to North Carolina 5 years ago. My undergraduate degree is in community health and I am currently pursuing a dual degree with public health. I am interested in working with immigrant communities, farm workers, women, and children. I always enjoy hearing from potential students and sharing my thoughts about both the school of social work and public health. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions. Hasta luego
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