Flag Football Update

Let me start off by saying, flag football is awesome!  My team, SOG Pound, had our second game yesterday at 2:00pm (yes, it was extremely hot!!).  Given that the semester is in full swing, some of our usual players were not in attendance.  So I was starting to feel as though we were at a disadvantage because let players means less time to rest (switch out players) during the actual game.  However, we didn’t let that get us down, we remained positive and welcomed the challenge.  Ultimately, we WON the game and the final score of 35 : 0 never looked so good.  Due to the limited number of female players, most of us had to play the whole game.  I was only used to playing defense, so playing offense was very new to me.  But I have good news to report, I actually caught a football and ran about three steps before getting my flag pulled and falling.  But to me, that was my victory for the day.  I made a contribution to my team and it felt great!

After the game was over, I took some time to reflect on the fun I had during the game.  And to think, I almost didn’t come out to play because  I had a lot of assignments to work on.  I was so proud of myself for prioritizing some exercise and spending time with friends.  I felt so rejuvenated afterwards and I’m pretty sure had I not played, I would have still been stressed out about the workload before me.  My mind felt so clear and my thoughts seemed to flow better.  So the lesson is learned, SELF-CARE is a must and is a very important part of anyone’s overall health and success as a student.

I look forward to our game next Sunday and I hope we win so we can make it into the play-offs.


About Annie Francis

My name is Annie Francis and I am a final-year dual-degree student with the Public Administration Program. My concentration is Family and Children Services. I am extremely passionate about Social Services, particularly Child Welfare and I am a North Carolina Child Welfare Education Scholar.
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