The Idealist Fair in Washington, DC

Thursday, September 30th, Lupe and I traveled to Washington, DC to represent the School of Social Work at the Idealist Fair.  Despite driving over 5 hours in the pouring rain, we were still excited and eager to represent the school in hopes of recruiting new and talented students for the program.  Over 1300 students attended the fair, which was about 300 over what they had anticipated.

It was really exciting to hear the interests of prospective applicants.  Many of those interests included work with: the elderly, military families, international development, community engagement and art therapy.

It aslo felt great to answer questions about the school in general, the campus, the culture and the community.  I love advocating for future talented, passionate and dedicated students to consider attending UNC-School of Social Work.  I really value the eduation and resources available to students here and if it requires driving 5 hours one way to help someone who would be a perfect fit give UNC a second look, then so be it!  I really hope the fair was beneficial to all of those who attended, especially those considering UNC (sorry, I can’t hide my bias).


About Annie Francis

My name is Annie Francis and I am a final-year dual-degree student with the Public Administration Program. My concentration is Family and Children Services. I am extremely passionate about Social Services, particularly Child Welfare and I am a North Carolina Child Welfare Education Scholar.
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