Tarheels Football!

I experienced my first UNC football game on Saturday, and it was a blast! It was actually my very first big football game. I’ve only been to high school games at games at the small university I went to for undergrad, Wingate. A few of us from the school of social work went together. It was great getting to hang out with them outside of the Tate Turner Kuralt buildling. I’m still so impressed with our cohort. People are incredibly friendly and supportive.

So I have to admit, I wasn’t really sure what was going on with half of the rituals, but I’ll take any opportunity I get to act silly and cheer. I was caught a little off guard when the alma mater started and everyone put each others’ arms around each others’ necks and sang loudly. The sense of unity and pride was contagious. There seemed to be cheers for everything!

The weather was absolutely beautiful, but I only made it to half time because the smell of delicious hotdogs and other football foods was overwhelming. I had an immediate urge to run home and grill out, but I’ll definitely be back! We ended up beating Clemson 21-16. My school pride has definitely increased because of the football game. I’m officially a die hard Tarheel fan!


About Kim Swanson

Hello! I'm Kim. I'm a first year, full-time student at the School of Social Work, and I'm loving it! Classes are small, professors are very approachable, and my classmates have been super friendly. I just moved back to North Carolina from Texas after a year working as a family case manager at a shelter for immigrants through AmeriCorps. Being back in NC is great (I'm sipping Cheerwine as I type!), but being in Austin opened my eyes to the struggles of immigrant families. I learned how necessary community organizing and education are in order to ensure positive experiences for both U.S. born individuals and our new community members and am excited to be placed at the Centro para Familias Hispanas in Raleigh for my field experience. Please let me know if you have any questions. I'm more than happy to help out!
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