The Non-Profit Leadership Certificate

Throughout my first year with the school of social work I was constantly reminded of something; that within 5 years of graduating I will end up in a position of leadership in my field. Carolina graduates have a reputation in the field of social work much like the prestige our basketball players have with the NBA. People know we will have received a high class education and they will want us running their organizations. So I thought to myself, why wait 5 years. Why not get a 5 year head start on my cohorts and learn how to be an effective leader. My decision to pursue the non-profit leadership certificate was made.

Now I may be biased about my concentration, but I would have to say the leadership certificate is the most comprehensive program the school offers. I may never want to be a CFO of a huge corporation, but I have the skills to do it. I also have the skills to be a COO, CEO and any other “chief officer” position a non-profit might need. And who wouldn’t want to have the word “chief” in their title? Not many. So my advice to you, is to consider where you want to be in 5 years, where you will probably be in 5 years, and then look into the Non-Profit Leadership Certificate.

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