Only One Semester Left….

In addition to starting my countdown towards graduation (May 7, 2010), I am also in the process of planning my LAST semester of coursework.  And believe me, it isn’t easy.  Every semester I toil with what classes to take and I often find myself overloading to get in extra classes that I think will be beneficial to me in my future career.  For example, this semester I took two additional short courses.  I enrolled in facilitation skills and mediation skills. Both were offered on the weekend and I definitely found them beneficial.

However, next semester, I am trying really hard not to overload.  I want to have more time to spend with my friends before we graduate and more time to prepare for future job interviews.

So far, I am required to take an Ethics course and a Policy Analysis course. But the hard part comes in when it gets to deciding what electives to take.  So far, after getting the updated list of what is going to be offered, I’m extremely interested in taking one of the following as the School of Social Work:

  • Consultation and Supervision, which focuses on supervisory, administrative, supportive, and educational functions in a variety of social work settings. KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS FOR NEW SUPERVISORS are emphasized.
  • Human Resource Management, which covers employee recruitment and hiring, performance appraisals, motivation, staff development and creating a responsive work environment.
  • Professional Use of Self: What We Bring to Practice, in which students examine practice situations in which personal characteristics and experiences positively and negatively shape clinical work.

I know without a doubt that I want to take the first course, but I’m struggling with whether or not I should take one of the others as well.  So many good classes to choose from but not enough time to take all that I am interested in (that is, if I want a life outside of school).  Hopefully, I will make some decisions soon because registration for classes start soon.

My next course of action consists of talking with my advisors/mentors at the school to see what they think of my electives and what would work best for my future aspirations.  Afterall, I really do trust their expert advise.

P.S. 6 months and 11 days until graduation. 🙂


About Annie Francis

My name is Annie Francis and I am a final-year dual-degree student with the Public Administration Program. My concentration is Family and Children Services. I am extremely passionate about Social Services, particularly Child Welfare and I am a North Carolina Child Welfare Education Scholar.
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One Response to Only One Semester Left….

  1. Dasen Moore says:

    Hey Annie,

    Thank you for your insight at the informational on Dec 3rd, your insight along with the other panelists (Lupe and Brittany) was very helpful. I appreciate the knowledge and experience you shared about the MSW program at UNC. ill be counting down with you ’til graduation! Thanks again!

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