Interested in Social Work practice or in obtaining an MSW degree?

Why should you consider the School of Social Work at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill?

There are 210 MSW programs in the US. UNC is one of the best in the country – in the top ten! But why is it considered one of the best Schools of Social Work and why should you want to be part of our School?

It is really all about learning and scholarship.  The UNC School of Social Work is dedicated to learning – learning practice skills, leaning theory, learning to think critically, learning to seek understanding and develop new knowledge. We want our graduates to be scholars and learners over the full course of their professional careers.

The social and health problems that face our families and communities present tough issues to be sure.  But during your career new issues and problems will arise, new vulnerable populations will emerge alongside existing groups, and new and proven evidence-based strategies will have to be developed, tested, and implemented together with community participation to help to mitigate these ever-changing concerns.  This dynamic process, that involves social work practice, research, teaching, and community engagement, creates the vibrant school environment where faculty and students learn to work with families and communities and other professionals to solve the issues confronting the US and the globe.

Why UNC? Because here it is all about asking questions, seeking answers, and making a real difference over the long term.


About Jack Richman

Dean of the School of Social Work at UNC Chapel Hill
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