So, last Tuesday I almost turned 30, which is the way I look at turning 27! Well, I was not excited about it at all because it was one of my busiest weeks as far as school and field. I just knew that I would not have anytime to celebrate so I kind of just put it out of my mind. That is until people started grilling me about what I wanted to do. So, to make a long story short…..I ended up doing something everyday from Tuesday, November 9th to just yesterday and I’m not done yet. I have spent time with numerous family members, been surprised by friends, went to Karaoke, watched a great movie that opened my eyes up to our profession even more, had the best church experience ever and received 5 CAKES and some amazing gifts even monetary ones….hehehe!!!!! I have to say by far that this has been the best birthday experience ever and to think I thought it would be the worst because of my schedule!!!! This just goes to show that yes the School of Social Work is a very important part of my life right now, but it is not the ONLY part. I am soooo grateful to have family and friends who did not let what is supposed to be a very special time for me just fly by just because I claimed to be busy! Ha the support that I have is PHENOMENAL!!! Enjoy the pics!!!!

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About Erica Mayes-Gordon

Hello everyone! My name is Erica Mayes-Gordon and I am what you would call a true Carolina girl.I am originally from Rock Hill, SC, but I was raised in a small town called Wendell here in NC. I received my undergraduate degree in Business Administration and my concentration was Marketing. After working in corporate America for about a year I realized that it was not for me and I began working with Americorps and Haven House Services. I loved it an realized that my passion is working with Children and Families., which led me here to the School of Social Work. I am a NC Child Welfare Collaborative Leadership Scholar and I am also in the Certificate of Substance Abuse Studies Program. In addition, I am the co-chair of the Black Student Caucus. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you!
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