This has been an amazing past few months, and I’m ending the semester feeling pride and satisfaction. There were times I questioned whether I should be in graduate school and times I didn’t think I would be able to get all of my work done, but I did it!

I think a lot of my strength came from the people in my cohort. When I was overwhelmed with injustice and suffering, my classmates were there. They understood and shared how they coped. When the work load was more than I thought I could handle, there were others having the same feelings of desperation and anxiety. We watched out for each other, and we all made it.

To celebrate, a huge group of us went out last night. We went to 157 and R&R on Rosemary Street in Chapel Hill. It was wonderful seeing everyone smiling and enjoying themselves. We deserved to relax and have fun after successfully completing our first semester. It was a blast. We sang karaoke and ate dinner together. I am so thankful to be in this program with people who don’t just talk about supporting and caring for people, but really live it out with the people around them.


Great people from my cohort making memories at a basketball game!


About Kim Swanson

Hello! I'm Kim. I'm a first year, full-time student at the School of Social Work, and I'm loving it! Classes are small, professors are very approachable, and my classmates have been super friendly. I just moved back to North Carolina from Texas after a year working as a family case manager at a shelter for immigrants through AmeriCorps. Being back in NC is great (I'm sipping Cheerwine as I type!), but being in Austin opened my eyes to the struggles of immigrant families. I learned how necessary community organizing and education are in order to ensure positive experiences for both U.S. born individuals and our new community members and am excited to be placed at the Centro para Familias Hispanas in Raleigh for my field experience. Please let me know if you have any questions. I'm more than happy to help out!
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