The Beginning of My Last Semester…..

January 11th marked the first day of class this semester and believe me I was excited.  Even with ice on the roads, I made my way to class for that day was monumental.  1/11/11 marked the beginning of the end of my educational career at UNC.  For the most part, the day was filled with happiness and joy thinking about graduation and how quickly the semester would breeze by. But then different aspects of that same reality started to sink in.  Graduation also meant: finding a full-time job, leaving friends (including faculty), and no classes to take.  Just how will my inner nerd survive?  However, as a planner, I am striving to channel this anxiety into motivation to work on my professional portfolio, spend lots of time with friends, and look for ways to continue my education after school.

During Christmas break, I started my professional portfolio. I brainstormed different components needed and looked for various certificates and materials I already had that I wanted to put in it.  Once school started, I had my wonderful School of Social Work advisor, Wanda Reives, review it.  She gave me lots of positive feedback and helpful critiques to make it better.  She also advised me to start scheduling some informational interviews with agencies that I might be interested in regarding employment after graduation as a way of helping me learn more about various agencies and determining whether or not I want to apply there.

Spending more time with friends should be easy right? I sure hope so.  To start the semester off, I invited one of my closest friends over for “taco night”.  It was fun and we talked about maybe starting a Sunday Dinner tradition with a few of our other friends where we would take turns doing the cooking.  I sure hope that starts soon, one less meal for me to prepare, especially since my cooking skills are limited.  So let’s just say, when it’s my turn, I will make sure to have assistance.  I also decided to join the Get Fit 2011 program offered through campus recreation.  This program is similar to the Biggest Loser show on tv.  Students are assigned to teams, have weekly workouts/weigh-ins and help from a nutritionist regarding good eating habits/patterns. I’m just hoping to have fun!!!

Lastly, how will I feed my inner hunger for knowledge after graduation? I haven’t quite figured that one out yet but I’m sure I will brainstorm something soon.



About Annie Francis

My name is Annie Francis and I am a final-year dual-degree student with the Public Administration Program. My concentration is Family and Children Services. I am extremely passionate about Social Services, particularly Child Welfare and I am a North Carolina Child Welfare Education Scholar.
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