The age old question Why UNC?

Why UNC?

It’s the question I get asked the most because people are curious to know if there was something specific that I liked about the UNC program or if I chose UNC because it was close to home etc. Here’s my story (the shortened version).

I graduated in 2009 and had planned on going straight into graduate school so that I could just get it done and my motivation wouldn’t go down. In 2009 I began applying to Sacramento State University, Grand Valley State University, Wayne State University, and UNC. For reasons out of my control my applications didn’t get finished for Sacramento State, Grand Valley, and Wayne State by the required due date. I was still on track to apply to UNC and then realized that I had not taken the GRE which was a requirement for UNC, and there just wasn’t enough time to study and take the GRE and get the scores back in time to apply to the program. So I decided to take a year off and live in NC and work (I moved to NC  in January 2009 for reasons other than grad school).

Throughout the next year I worked two jobs, took the GRE and began the application process for UNC and a few other grad schools. Around November 2009 I attended an information session at UNC and it was there that I realized UNC was where I wanted to get my MSW. The staff were friendly, the faculty were open, and my fellow ambassador Annie Francis was so excited about the program and had such a passion for social work and she ignited my passion as well. Plus, UNC offered classes specifically for students interested in healthcare, which was something I was struggling to find. After the information session I stopped applying to other grad schools and focused solely on my UNC application, not even thinking about what I would do if I didn’t get accepted because I just knew in my heart that I was supposed to be at UNC.

I finished my application in January 2010, got accepted in February 2010, attended welcome weekend in March 2010 and began classes in May, and now it is April 2011 and I am 33 days away from graduation!

So here’s the list of why I chose UNC

1. Friendly staff

2. Accessible faculty

3. Students who are truly passionate about social work

4. Classes focused specifically on social work in healthcare

That’s my Why UNC story. Now the question is, what is your Why UNC story?


About Brittany Anderson

Hi my name is Brittany Anderson and I am a full time advanced standing student at UNC Chapel Hill. The program started in May and I'm now in my second semester, I will graduate in May 2011! I am here to give you a student's perspective on the various aspects of the UNC Chapel Hill Advanced Standing MSW program and to help you as you decide if UNC's MSW program is the right choice for you whether you want to be advanced standing or decide to go another track like full time. My interests are medical social work with pediatric bone marrow transplant and pediatric hematology/oncology as well as social work with children who have physical disabilities. I am originally from Michigan but I went to undergrad in Illinois and now I live in North Carolina and the weather is so much nicer. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about the advanced standing program or UNC School of Social Work in general. My email is Best Wishes!
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