Different shades of blue

After two years of graduate school at Duke, I’ve moved over to UNC-CH.  Of course, there are a lot of differences between the schools, but I’m not going to go there.  Too much rivalry to risk that.  Instead, I want to speak to the amount of practical application I’ve found while at the School of Social Work.  While most of the previous program I was enrolled in at Duke was theoretical and heady–and I loved it–the time came to see how I could think differently.   So far, my classes have given me the space to articulate what education I’ll need and how I could gain the practical skill set to do the sort of work I desired to do: facilitation, program development, organizing and strategic change.  I had the theology to inspire and help me persist, but now I’m developing the abilities to work effectively and competently within communities and organizations.


About Matt Ballard

I'm in my final year of the advanced-standing, MSW/MDiv dual degree program. As a student, my interests are for organizing (faith) communities around sustainable development through program implementation and policy advocacy. Although born and raised in the suburbs of Charlotte, my hobbies revolve around agro-ecology and banjo-pickin'.
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