Campus in the Fall

I was a student at UNC Chapel Hill in undergrad and fall is my favorite time of the year to be on campus. I think campus is breathtaking in the fall! I love walking around and watching the leaves change colors. Last fall, another social work student and I regularly took walks around campus during our lunch breaks. It was both a great stress reliever and a good way to get some exercise. Even though our classes are at the Social Work building, there are some great opportunities to learn from the rest of campus by attending lectures and other events on campus. There are usually some great speakers that come to campus around this time of year and some great music groups that perform as well. Another reason I love fall is because there are so many college sports games to watch. Anyone that knows me knows about my obsession with college sports—specifically Carolina sports. I really enjoy going to football and women’s soccer games outdoors during the fall when the weather is perfect! Going to a game is a great way to take a break, be outside, and get to know your cohort outside of class. I like going to the football and soccer games but I LOVE Tarheel Basketball! Fall is also when basketball season officially starts! Just to give you a small taste of campus in the fall here are some pictures of campus that I’ve taken in the past. The leaves are just starting to change colors so come visit campus and see what it looks like in person!

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About Preety Patidar

I'm a 2nd year full time student with a concentration in Communities, Management and Policy Practice. I'm from Plymouth, NC and I have lived in NC all of my life. I am interested in working with nonprofit organizations that focus on early childhood education, education, access to health care, healthy lifestyle choices for youth, or social programs for children and families. My hobbies include following UNC sports, reading, hiking and baking! Anyone that has ever met me knows I love Carolina basketball!
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