Why Social Work?

“Why social work?” I’ve been asked this question a lot. I admit, I’ve asked myself this same question from time to time. Social work was an ideal choice because I like to solve problems and people are what interest me. Social work addresses a wide range of social concerns: from individually therapy to political advocacy, social workers are problem-solvers for issues that affect people. Although I can learn similar skills from other departments like psychology, statistics, economics, and public health, the emphasis in social work clearly remains on people and their environment. That is why I chose social work.


About Angela You

Hi! I'm a 2nd year MSW/PhD student at UNC - School of Social Work. My area of focus is in child welfare and mental health services for children in foster care. I grew up in Maryland, went to school at Michigan, worked in China then D.C. before starting grad school. I love traveling, non sequiturs, and puns. If you have any questions about the MSW/PhD program, feel free to email me at ayou@email.unc.edu.
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