Turning of the seasons

One of the main reasons to love North Carolina is the experience of seasons. Although they may be relatively short in comparison to winter and summer, fall and spring in this state are absolutely beautiful. Recently, my spouse and I traveled a short distance of about 3 hours to the Southern Appalachian mountains during fall break. We delighted in all things fall: leaves turning colors, apple picking, and chilly nights by campfire. We even spotted a black bear on the scenic route!

Which leads me to say to you, prospective student, that while you are in graduate school at UNC School of Social Work, take time out to enjoy the seasons. Every semester has its own rhythms, so take notice and make sure to take advantage of them. Enjoy the short, punctuated seasons of rest in the midst of long hours reading and writing. Make time for caring about yourself and your loved ones. Clear your head so that you can healthily reflect upon your class content and field experiences. Practice what you will hear all the time about the social work professional–self-care! Don’t let the importance of grades outweigh your ability to be a help to people and communities through your own care of self. Otherwise, you may become more of a burden to the very people you are in a helping relationship with.


About Matt Ballard

I'm in my final year of the advanced-standing, MSW/MDiv dual degree program. As a student, my interests are for organizing (faith) communities around sustainable development through program implementation and policy advocacy. Although born and raised in the suburbs of Charlotte, my hobbies revolve around agro-ecology and banjo-pickin'.
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