“Be well” – Jen Snider, One of Many Great Professors at UNC’s SSW

Much like every other university, UNC is home to many different types of professors – and no two are the same. There are those professors you have to learn to like, and those you think are brilliant and you’d enjoy the company of outside of the classroom. Professor Jen Snider is more of the latter, a professor who ensures her student’s experiences are enjoyable and personalized. I have found her to be very approachable, as she is enthusiastic and interactive in teaching, and makes herself available to students for out of class advising on both academic and non-academic matters. Jen, or farmer Jen as many of us refer to her as, currently teaches my SOWO 500 HBSE: Infancy to Adolescence class. I’ve enjoyed her informal teaching style and willingness to turn the class over to students. She is a great facilitator of discussion, and often incorporates aspects of her work as a clinical social worker and farmer into class content. What I have enjoyed most about having Jen as a professor is the amount of guidance she has provided throughout this first semester of graduate school. Before starting class she has a weekly “check-in” discussion in group format with us, ensuring that we are not only understanding the course content, but that we are also taking care of ourselves and getting what we need. In addition to these check-ins, she usually follows up with us via email. Jen is a humble, understanding and admirable professor. I only wish she were teaching this spring.

“Be well, all, and if you’re up against it… hang in there!!”

-Jen Snider


About Rayhaan Adams

Hey! My name is Rayhaan Adams. I'm a 2nd year MSW student in the full-time program. I'm originally from Cape Town, South Africa but have lived in Singapore, Germany, and now reside in Cary, only a few miles down the road. I attended UNC for undergrad, and can't see myself leaving anytime soon. My primary interests are at-risk youth and single parent families, as well as children and their families in the medical setting. If you don't see me around campus, I'm probably running, golfing, road-tripping, or hanging out with my family.
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