NC in Late Fall

One of my favorite things about living in North Carolina is the weather! Imagine this, it’s the end of November and I’m wearing shorts and flip-flops. Now, don’t worry, NC still has its share of snow, for all of you who want a little snowball fight in December. I’m originally from Miami so you can imagine how cold it felt to me when I first moved to NC. But after 4 years I can honestly say I would never want to leave, certainly not for Florida. No, in NC we actually have seasons; fall, winter, spring, and summer come consistently and one can enjoy every good thing that each as to offer. (In Florida we have hot and less hot!)

I am so thankful that I chose to come to the UNC school of social work not only because it is a great school preparing me to be an excellent social work practitioner, but also because the NC triangle is such a beautiful place to live. One of the biggest decisions prospective students have to make is whether they are willing to live in the city and state where the school is located. One of the great things that UNC Chapel Hill has going for it is its gorgeous scenery and temperate climate. Maybe that’s why so many alums choose to stay in the area once they graduate!


About Ivan Martinez

I am a second year M.Div/MSW full time student concentrating in direct practice. I am currently doing field work in a university counseling center. Originally from Miami, Fl I am interested in the intersections of spirituality and social work, identity formation, and faith based social service provision. I am both a Dukie and a Tarheel and am currently not experiencing any inner turmoil though this may change when basketball season comes in the spring.
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