Things to consider when choosing an MSW program

After I graduated from undergrad I took a position as an HIV/AIDS case manager. I, like many others, worked for two years before I was certain of what I wanted to go back to graduate school to study. After deciding to apply to ten, yes ten, MSW programs across the country I sat around and patiently waited for the schools to respond to my applications. I was fortunate to be admitted to many schools. I had plenty of great choices to choose from.

When it came down to making a final decision as to where to enroll I sat down with my trusty number two to make a pros and cons list. My top three choices were a school close to home, a great school in the midwest, and UNC. In the end (obviously) UNC was my number one choice, but it took many days to come to this conclusion. Here are the things about UNC that truly captured my attention and admissions decision:

1) The incredible opportunities in the area. With Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, and plenty of rural counties to choose from. . .the area is a bustling metropolis for opportunities! 

2) Prominent, well-respect, well-researched, published, and notable faculty. 

3) Great sports school! 

4) Ability to study what YOU want to study! Room for creativity. Whether you study direct practice, macro practice, or self-directed. 

5) The school’s student organization has a true voice within the school. The Dean and Directors encourage feedback from student leaders.

6) Witnessing the improvement our students are making in local communities.

7) An affordable education (even for out of state residents!)

You should consider every angle before making a final decision! But please consider UNC! 


About Casey Rubenstein

Hi! I am a second-year full-time MSW at UNC-Chapel Hill! I am originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (go Steelers!). I am Marco Social Work student with a primary interest in Nonprofit Management and Health Policy. I am also a Tri-chair of the Social Work Student Organization. I graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 2008 and studied Sociology and Western European History.
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