My Population

When I decided that social work was the career choice for me, it was automatic that my primary focus would be children and families. I love children, and I strongly believe that every child has the right to reach their full potential. I knew from my own upbringing that a child’s potential is directly related to his or her familial support. I am adamant about helping families help their children. Once I realized that some of the most vulnerable children and families are engaged with the public child welfare system, I knew these families would be “my population.” Every social worker has a special topic or population that they are passionate about serving. Public child welfare happens to be mine.

Lots of folks tell me that they could not do what child welfare social workers do. I completely understand. Sometimes we are forced to remove children from their homes and sometimes we do not have enough support to remove them from a situation that just “doesn’t feel right.” It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it, right? I am thankful for the support of my peers, instructors and the NC Child Welfare Collaborative Program. This is a supportive program that not only provides assistance and guidance while a student is in school, it also helps students find employment post-graduation. As an intern in a County Department of Social Services, I feel secure and supported enough to explore the many paths and practices of public child welfare.


About Monica Hadley

I am a 2nd year, full-time MSW student from the big metropolis of Pittsboro, NC. My professional interests are public child welfare, child maltreatment prevention and program evaluation. My hobbies include: reading, taking naps, eating sushi, gathering in small social groups, riding my motorcycle, shopping, social networking and lots more :-)
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