Oh, the options available!

Beginning my final semester at UNC SSW is a very odd experience. Surreal in a way. Looking back at my time here, I have been presented with the thought time and time again about all I have learned. This has especially been the case this second year. The Foundation year curriculum is set for all students. That is the school’s way of making sure everyone is on the same playing field in the Concentration year. This is where we get the choice of electives and even different policy courses.

The spread of courses is impressive. Last semester, I had a course devoted to trauma and substance abuse. This semester I have the pleasure of beginning courses on policies affecting military families, Motivational Interviewing, and death and dying.  This course on bereavement also has nursing students, making it an incredible course! You can also learn about how you can use your own life experiences as tools in your clinical practice through the course “Professional Use of Self.” Mind you, these are just my courses in the past year. There are many, many other choices. What if a course is not provided on a topic you would like to explore? No problem. You have the ability to make your own course through an independent study with a professor at the school.

All and all, your learning is UNC SSW’s main priority.


About Katherine Benzaquen

Hi there! I am a second year full time student. I am originally from Miami, Florida. I moved up to NC in August of last year to start the journey of an MSW student. Me and my pup Benny are loving the life in Chapel Hill. In terms of social work interests, my primary focus is supporting military personnel and their families. However, after some recent personal experiences, I am broadening my field to medical social work.
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