International Social Work

Have you ever thought of working as a social worker overseas? I have. One of the great things about the social work profession is that at a very basic level you can practice almost anywhere in the world. If you are looking for opportunities to do some fieldwork abroad the School of Social work has a few very innovative programs that students can join in on. Last summer I attended a Study abroad course in South Africa for two weeks. We attended a symposium, toured agencies and had an opportunity to connect with social workers in South Africa. I highly recommend that you check out all the international opportunities provided by the School of social work. And for those interested in practicing internationally, I leave you with this blog. It includes a very interesting conversation on the recruitment of social workers to work abroad.


About Ivan Martinez

I am a second year M.Div/MSW full time student concentrating in direct practice. I am currently doing field work in a university counseling center. Originally from Miami, Fl I am interested in the intersections of spirituality and social work, identity formation, and faith based social service provision. I am both a Dukie and a Tarheel and am currently not experiencing any inner turmoil though this may change when basketball season comes in the spring.
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