The most exciting aspect of my spring semester (besides looking forward to graduation of course) is the beautiful way in which my classes and internship align with each other. As a Community Management Policy and Practice student I am loving my course line-up this spring: Poverty Policy, Evaluation of SW Intervention, Sustainable Development, Asset Development, and Financial Management of Nonprofits. My classes all fit with one another. Readings from one class are useful in another, and ideas discussed in a morning class can inform my perspective for an afternoon class.

Then, shortly after resuming my field placement this semester (where we manage state and federal grants and contracts and compile program outcomes and evaluations) a “request for applications (RFA)” came out. The RFA is for a three year contract and suddenly I’ve had the opportunity to join in the task of writing our application; drafting a budget, writing up a literature review and needs assessment, picking outcome indicators and measurement tools.

It’s exactly the type of learning that UNC is known for and that I wanted from my MSW education. My class compliment each other, they are related to my internship, and activities in my internship relate back to my classes. All of this converges nicely to a wonderful realization: I am learning incredibly valuable skills, theory, and information for future jobs (which goes back to that hastily approaching graduation date). So as my final semester continues to rapidly progress towards graduation I am content with the convergence between my classes and internship, and hoping that the convergence continues and encompasses a job in the near future.


About Sarah Marsh

I am an advanced standing student with a macro concentration. Originally from the suburbs of Chicago, I graduated with my BSW in '09 in Denver, CO and after working for several years decided to move to NC to start graduate school here at UNC-CH. I am interested in systems that intervene in traumatic events such as interpersonal violence, abuse, and neglect and systems that are involved after traumatic events. I hope to someday be involved in research and program evaluation to improve agencies' responses to traumatic events and thus improve individual's outcomes and healing processes. My personal hobbies include skiing, rock-climbing, reading, and any activity that can involve my dogs.
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