Baseball, yes BASEBALL, at UNC-Chapel Hill!

Not only does UNC have an outstanding mens basketball program, but we also have a pretty stellar baseball team as well! It struck me a few days ago when the temperature in late-February tipped 75 degrees (no big deal) that UNC baseball season is fast approaching! 

Last year my friends and I made a habit of attending mens baseball games. I have always been more of a football and basketball kind of girl, but college baseball is WAY more exciting than professional baseball. The team is energetic, vibrant, and fun. Not to mention they made the College World Series last spring. There are free giveaways between almost every inning! Concession stands are filled with traditional ballpark favorites. The stadium is located right on campus next to Kenan Stadium! 

You can’t beat Chapel Hill weather in the spring! Students are eligible for FREE tickets to all baseball game. Tickets are first come first serve. You can bring a non-student friend/spouse/partner/random person you met on Franklin Street for only $5! So the next time you and your friends are bored and not interested in spending another afternoon indoors check out a baseball game! 


About Casey Rubenstein

Hi! I am a second-year full-time MSW at UNC-Chapel Hill! I am originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (go Steelers!). I am Marco Social Work student with a primary interest in Nonprofit Management and Health Policy. I am also a Tri-chair of the Social Work Student Organization. I graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 2008 and studied Sociology and Western European History.
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