Spring into Spring

Flowers like these are all over my neighborhood, although my dogs wouldn't stand still long enough for me to take a picture (source: http://thecav.edublogs.org/2011/04/page/2/)

The “spring ahead” time change happens tonight, and I couldn’t help but notice while walking my dogs that spring is in full bloom. Over the course of the past week the flowers have popped up, flowering trees seem to have come into full bloom overnight, and as sappy as it may sounds I feel like I have a new energy. With the days getting longer and warmer, I can’t help but feel excited about graduation and invigorated by the beautiful weather. This is my first spring in North Carolina and it is gorgeous, nothing like the long cold rainy spring days of the midwest. Although my spring-time energy may not be channeled into homework at the moment, it’s nonetheless an invigorating, beautiful, and motivating feeling that these warm days bring about.


About Sarah Marsh

I am an advanced standing student with a macro concentration. Originally from the suburbs of Chicago, I graduated with my BSW in '09 in Denver, CO and after working for several years decided to move to NC to start graduate school here at UNC-CH. I am interested in systems that intervene in traumatic events such as interpersonal violence, abuse, and neglect and systems that are involved after traumatic events. I hope to someday be involved in research and program evaluation to improve agencies' responses to traumatic events and thus improve individual's outcomes and healing processes. My personal hobbies include skiing, rock-climbing, reading, and any activity that can involve my dogs.
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