PoorQuality: Inequality

The Center for Advanced Hindsight at Duke University is currently hosting the exhibition “PoorQuality: Inequality.” As a magnanimous gesture of support for artistic ingenuity and creative perspectives, thirty-four artists were invited to create innovative and engaging artwork after a stimulating discussion on social and economic inequality, wealth distribution, and what is so taxing about taxation.
With no limitation to the style or media of pieces created for “PoorQuality: Inequality,” a portion of the artists, which included sculptors, painters, book artists, video artists, and photographers, branched out stylistically from their normal medium, while others pushed conceptual boundaries. Some chose to explore how to visualize analytical data. Suzanne Broughel used color to interpret the U.S. racial wealth gap by decorating a white bed sheet “canvas” with coin marks made by dipping quarters and pennies in liquid foundation makeup and pressing them on the fabric. Peter Lisignoli, an MFA student at Duke University, became interested in how one represents the absence of food. He photographed a Quick-n-Go market to rethink how space and time are rendered by such a space. Despite his efforts to tackle the social issue of food inequality, his project changed focus toward the ghettoizing gaze of the surveillance camera.

Check out all the art work now through August 31st!

Open to the public Monday – Friday 10 AM – 3 PM

Opening reception: June 22, 2012 from 6 – 10 PM

For more information about the Artistically Irrational exhibition series, contact curator Catherine Howard at artisticallyirrational@gmail.com.



About Rayhaan Adams

Hey! My name is Rayhaan Adams. I'm a 2nd year MSW student in the full-time program. I'm originally from Cape Town, South Africa but have lived in Singapore, Germany, and now reside in Cary, only a few miles down the road. I attended UNC for undergrad, and can't see myself leaving anytime soon. My primary interests are at-risk youth and single parent families, as well as children and their families in the medical setting. If you don't see me around campus, I'm probably running, golfing, road-tripping, or hanging out with my family.
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