Getting Involved On Campus

As a Social Work/Public Health dual degree student, my concentration year field placement will be completed this summer. That leaves a lot of time open during fall and spring semester for classes, but it also has left me some time to get involved with other UNC programs. When I started planning my fall semester, I knew that I wanted to continue getting work experience during the academic year. So, this semester, I am working at UNC Counseling and Wellness Services, which is a part of Campus Health Services. I work part time as a Carolina Health Education Counselor on Sexuality (CHECS). CHECS are members of the CWS paraprofessional staff, graduate students or recent grads, who work in conjunction with CWS professional staff to promote wellness among the campus community through a variety of positions. As a CHECS, I work to promote sexual health and wellness for the campus community, through both individual counseling and larger scale education and promotion programming.  Since I started at CWS, I have gotten the chance to talk one-on-one with students about their sexual health, plan events, teach classes about sexual health, and even practice my public speaking in front of about 500 undergrads!  While it can be tough juggling work and class, this position has already given me so much knowledge and experience. I have also had the chance to work with amazing graduate students from different programs, including health behavior, nutrition, and nursing.  I continue to see parallels between what I am learning in class and what I am doing at work.  It is a great way to build my social work skills and be a part of the greater UNC community. Both on campus and off campus, there are so many ways to get involved and contribute.


About alicepollardunc

Hi, I'm Alice. I am a concentration year student in the School of Social Work. I am completing a dual degree with the Department of Maternal and Child Health in the School of Public Health. I am originally from Wilmington, NC, and after spending several years working in Chicago, I was so happy to come back to my home state for the MSW program. I am interested in chronic disease prevention and care and programming that addresses the intersection of social justice and health. When I am not in school, I enjoy hiking with my dog, Maybe.
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