The semester is winding down

The fall semester is winding down right now and it seems like everyone is working hard to complete their final papers, presentations, and other assignments. In our second year we take courses based on our concentration. Since mine is CMPP (Community, Management and Policy Practice, also known as Macro) my classes have been in the areas of leadership, management, and citizen/volunteer engagement. One of my favorite things about my classes this semester is the analysis of real world situations and the application of theories we are studying. The discussions are thought provoking and I often find myself revisiting them while I’m on my drive home or when I hear or read something in the news that is similar. Social work – it’s everywhere!

Our schedule had a bit more flexibility this semester and we were able to pick courses that appealed to our specific learning interests. While I chose my classes based on areas I wanted to learn more about, I also chose one class that is in an area that I have very little experience or previous knowledge in. I am so thankful that I had the option to do so and the class has been very informative for me. I encourage future and current students to also get outside of their comfort zone when they are preparing their schedule for their second year. I am doing the same next semester and am taking a direct practice course. I look forward to the challenge!


About Melea Rose Waters

Hi! I'm Melea and I'm currently in the full time MSW program as a 2nd year student. My concentration is CMPP with special interest in health care policy, legislation, and advocacy. I'm originally from Georgia and have lived in North Carolina for 8 years now. When I'm not on campus, you can find me spending time with my family and friends. I'd be happy to try and answer any questions you may have about the MSW program!
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