102 Days, 14 Hours, 58 Minutes, and 10 seconds!

UNC SSW Students at the 57th Presidential Inauguration supporting President Obama!

UNC SSW Students at the 57th Presidential Inauguration supporting President Obama!


As I fully jump back into the swing of things, quite frankly, I have mixed feelings. I’m EXCITED to be entering my last semester of graduate school (YAY!!!). But at the same time I am sad that this part of my educational journey is ending. I am thankful that I have had this amazing opportunity to learn amongst some of our nations most outstanding faculty/staff and students. While I am maintaining focus on the upcoming papers, projects and presentations, I feel slightly overwhelmed and anxious knowing that this last semester will also need to include job hunting. So as I prepare to complete this last semester, and in the spirit of a new year, I have given some though to a few goals I would like to accomplish:

1. Take advantage of every opportunity to engage with and learn from my classmates and professors

2. Get a job

3. Enjoy each day left in this journey

4. Graduate

Although I’ve only listed 4 goals above I have MANY more! I fully intend to make the most of the time I have left and create UNFORGETTABLE memories along the way! Here’s to May 11, 2013 🙂


About Tamsin Woolley

Hello! My name is Tamsin, and I am a second year full-time student here at UNC-CH School of Social Work! I am originally from Boston, MA; however I spent the majority of my childhood living overseas. I have a passion for working with at-risk youth and families experiencing domestic violence. I am a North Carolina Leadership Scholar through the North Carolina Child Welfare Education Collaborative; thus I am doing my field placement at a local Child Protective Services agency. I am also the Chair of the UNC School of Social Work Black Student Caucus for the 2012-2013 academic year. When I am not at school, I love to spend time with friends/family, play softball, and travel!
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