We’ve all been thinking about the job hunt for awhile and now its time to start pounding the pavement. Some of us have even had interviews at this point. Most of us are putting the finishing touches on our resumes. Thankfully, the School of Social Work has our backs. There have been professional development workshops throughout the year and this semester is full of career focused workshops and networking nights. This week there was a panel who talked about interviewing. At this point in most of our lives, we’ve been on several interviews. However, no matter how much you think you may know about interviewing, you can always pick up something useful. The following are some tips I picked up:

    1. If you are applying for an out of state job remember that many larger agencies will not look at resumes with out of state addresses simply as a way to slim down the applicant pool. 

     2. Send a formal typed letter as an attachment  in an email to thank the interviewer after the interview.
     3. For phone interviews: Dress Up! It will help you to feel and respond more professionally.   


About Liz Leon

After attending UNCG for my BSW and spending some time in the field, I am excited to be part of the Advanced Standing MSW class of 2013. My concentration is Community, Management and Policy Practice and I am doing my internship in Greensboro, working with refugees and immigrants. Besides academics, I always make time for the extracurriculars and enjoy just about anything as long as it involves my favorite people. Please don't hesitate to contact me at if you have any questions about the Advanced Standing Program or UNC's School of Social Work in general.
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