So much to do, so little time!

One of the best things about the School of Social Work is the plethora of the things to be involved in outside of class work and field internships. Starting at orientation, students are invited to be a part of the School of Social Work Student Organization, also known as SoWoSo. SoWoSo is made up of several caucuses, or interest groups, that organize students around several issues such as Aging, Military Families, Social Justice, Student Self-Care, Macro Social Work, LGBTQ issues, Black Students among others. These groups plan events and meetings for the school as well as facilitate discussions outside of the school. Further, SoWoSo serves as a link between students, faculty, and administration to get opinions heard and share information within the community. SoWoSo has been known to organize some great events including a book exchange, yoga classes, social justice events, and volunteering opportunities. The Clinical Lecture Series is another great opportunity for learning. The Clinical Lecture Series offers monthly lectures to enhance the clinical curriculum for students and offer continuing education for graduates and practitioners. It also aims to foster and strengthen relationships among clinically-oriented students and the wider clinical community ( This year, topics have included working with step-families, ethical issues in psychopharmacology, and using mindfulness in therapy in addition to others. These are just a few great opportunities for students outside of classes to continue their learning, networking, and discovering their social work path!


About Julia Wessel

Hi! I'm Julia Wessel and I am a concentration year student in the full time program. I am focusing on direct practice with an emphasis on child mental health. This year, my field placement is at child outpatient mental health clinic with children and their families. I am also very involved in the Student Health Action Coalition (SHAC) Clinic, a weekly, student-run, free health clinic in the community. I also travelled to India with UNC-CH SSW on a study abroad trip in December 2011. I am originally from Washington, DC and I went to Kenyon College for my undergraduate education. In my free time, I love hiking and yoga and exploring North Carolina.
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