3x Welcome!

To the MSW Class of 2015: Welcome!!! Welcome to class, welcome to field and most importantly, welcome to Carolina! I know this time of year and this time of your life is going to be very exciting, as well as overwhelming! While you are in the midst of classes, field placement, jobs, taking care of your families, or any of your other countless responsibilities, please remember why you chose social work and why you chose Carolina! Believe it or not, these 1 to 2, 3 or 4 years (depending on your program), will fly by before you know it.  So in the meantime, enjoy it! Explore your surroundings, learn more about the agency, county or initiative that you are working with/in, get to know your co-workers as well as your clients, fall in love with aspects of Social Work that you never even considered before, go to a Football game, and take a walk around campus (watch out for the uneven bricks!!).

As for your field placement, while I was interning I worked with a very wise and seasoned woman in the field who told me to always be “Fair, Firm and Consistent”. I pass those words on to you.

So again, to all the incoming SSW students: Welcome to stress like you have never experienced it before, welcome to “Self-Awareness Bootcamp” (as coined by a c/o 2014 student) and welcome to 2 (average) of the most rewarding and gratifying years of your life!



About Oprah Keyes

I am a Final Year MSW Student in the Macro (Community, Management and Policy Practice) Concentration. My social work areas of interests include Juvenile and Criminal Justice, and policy reform. I am originally from a small town in the Netherlands, but moved to Chapel Hill 5 years ago to pursue by Bachelor's Degree in Sociology. I've been around here ever since and North Carolina, as well as UNC Chapel Hill, hold a special place in my heart. When I am not at school, at field, at work, or volunteering, I am probably working out, at the grocery store or sleeping, but I also like to hang out with friends and listen to music.
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