Graduate School Culture

As an advanced standing student, summer was probably the hardest semester to complete. Between getting orientated to school, beginning classes, and starting a four day a week field placement, it is often hard to find time to enjoy other things. Finding an allotment for self-care and reflection is difficult but crucial to grow as a student and a social worker. This summer I was able to reflect on my school and practicum experience by traveling to both the mountains and beaches of North Carolina. Some of my summer trips included visiting Boone, the Outer Banks, and Wilmington. These trips allowed me to view many different cultures and values all within one state- a vital component of understanding many of my clients. Many students ask how much “extra” time graduate students have for leisure activities, jobs, etc. My belief is that the amount of time you have for additional activities depends on your time management and how involved you are with the school.

With this said, as these stressful months approach, do not forget to self-reflect and enjoy the year(s) in graduate school as they fly by.


About Emily

I am currently an Advanced Standing MSW student. My interests include school social work and military social work. I will be completing my field placement at Durham Public Schools throughout the 2013-2014 school year.
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