Final Year Field Placement – Crossing Tobacco Road!

Second year…concentration year….final year…all these terms describe this current school year.  This year started off differently from my first year.  This year, I knew what to expect, which can be a huge plus and a little intimidating at the same time.  I know what’s ahead, in terms of readings, papers, and expectations.  Knowing all this does stir up a few anxious nerves because I know the rigor and demands that are required by our program.  However, more than that, I know that I could expect thought-provoking conversations, laughs with my classmates, and invaluable opportunities both within and outside the classroom.  Speaking of outside the classroom – my field placement this year is at Duke’s High Risk Obstetrics Clinic and Duke Hospital Birthing Center.  I spend one day each week at the hospital and the other two days at the clinic.  (So for three days each week, I cross “Tobacco Road”.  I haven’t experienced too much ‘Duke Blue’ vs. ‘Carolina Blue’ just yet!)

So far I have spent a great deal of time shadowing patient interviews and am finally getting to do a few of my own.  It feels wonderful to apply the skills that I have worked on and developed over the past year.  My courses this year so far, are very tangibly related to my field experience.  I love making the connections between my courses and my work with my patients.  Seeing the practical application of course material is very important.  So far this year has continued to confirm that returning to school to get my MSW was the best decision for me at this moment in my life.  I am filled with excitement, energy, and optimism for the year ahead!


(I tried to snap a picture of the hospital in between passing cars…!)

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