Let the reading begin…

It’s that time again. That time when the newness of the semester is transforming into a steady and familiar rhythm. That time when conversations are fading from “How was your summer?” to “How is your field placement?”. That time when the idiosyncrasies of each professor’s power points are becoming familiar. And that time when you will find most MSW students buried in a pile of books.

At least it’s a pile of interesting books.


Case-in-point: my current pile of good reads. Take, for example, the book “Social Work with Immigrants and Refugees”. In it, we are learning about the diverse factors motivating migration, and trends in migration for the last few decades. In the “Clinicians Guide to PTSD”, we are learning what questions to ask a client who has experienced trauma. And then there’s the “DSM-5”. While carrying it around is certainly contributing to my need to see a chiropractor, this manual (along with Dr. Howard’s guidance) is helping me to be able to better understand client’s symptoms.

Truth be told, this pile of books might make me a nerd yet. The topics are fascinating, and the guidance offered within their pages is informing my work at my field placement. Sure they will look nice on a shelf in my therapy office one day, but more than that, they are helping me become a better therapist.

So if you’re looking for a MSW student, just follow the sound of turning pages. Because, after all, it’s that time again.


About Courtney

Courtney is in her second year of the full-time MSW program. She is concentrating on the field of Adult Mental Health, and her particular interests include serving the immigrant population and victims of trauma.
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