Does it matter, is it intentional?

     I like to refer to this part of the semester as middle-earth.  The beginning has passed, it is not quite the middle, and the end…well, is far off.  It is the part of the semester when we have all found our rhythm, our calendars are full of due dates, and we have started research for those lengthy papers and projects.  In Winston-Salem, in particular, the 2015 graduating cohort has settled into our first year of field, also booked our calendars with due dates, and have incorporated seminar into our schedules.  In other words, it can feel like the quiet before the storm.  This is precisely the moment to incorporate (or continue) a routine of self-care into our lives, it does not have to be grand or expensive – it only needs to intentional.  Let it be a conscious effort to disperse and realign our energy levels.  Self-care can be getting adequate sleep, proper hydration, taking sensory walks, keeping a journal, eating healthier snacks, jogging, meditation, pilates, pleasure reading (yes! you read that correctly), house cleaning (yep, you read that correctly too), socializing, running, gardening, choosing silence instead of news radio for car commutes; in essence, self-care is relative.  What counts is that it matters to you and it is intentional.  Last week in Winston, it meant taking time in-between our two classes to do a stretching and power yoga session.  The activity energized us and encouraged others to participate.  I have included a picture of our self-care time and another picture from the UNC Winston-Salem Family. Happy self-caring!



Maegen leading a stretching session to loosen up the Psoas muscle!


Hello from Alexis, Allison, Mshairi, & Tomeko.


About AlexisOverstreet

I am a final year full-time student - formerly a part of the Winston-Salem Distance Education cohort. I am originally from Augusta, Georgia but I have lived in North Carolina for many years and now call it my home. My social work interests are advocacy for stigma-free mental health, Substance Abuse Clinical Practice for adults and adolescents, Motivational Interviewing and strengths-based practice, and severe and persistent mental illness. I am also interested in environmental justice issues along with advocacy for consumer rights.
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