Social Work Finds You


Social work is the only profession which will encourage you to constantly critique areas and organizations that need change. Change could be required in the environments that we exist in or the ways that we exist in those environments. In reviewing these systems, we must consider our memberships or exclusionary practices and stand up against injustices even when they’re perpetuated by the people that we love and trust. In this way anyone can be a social worker and realize it at different times. I like to say that social work finds you and we create social work.

Since the goal of social work is positive change, we must constantly encourage everyone to put their best food forward, and to make sure that we are challenging ourselves and others to perservere even when life gets rough. When the going gets tough the social worker is there pushing people forward to tough it out. We are constantly needing to brand and sell to the community what social work is all about so that we are circulating innovative ideas that lead communities to seek improvements.

This is all a prelude to the important point that students and prospective students need to make time to get involved with their communities. Volunteering is the chance to build your own reputation while giving back to your community. And remember that we are making history. There are some huge changes coming with the Affordable Care Act, and several agencies in the area are in need of your support to help with outreach and enrollment of the uninsured. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you’d like to be connected and to get involved in this important work.


About Jasmine Harris

I am a final year student in the Advanced Standing program. Prior to pursuing my master's I worked in direct practice for two years. At the moment I am focusing on Community Management and Policy Practice. My interest have evolved towards administration, technology in social work, and collective impact interventions. I've lived on the East Coast, first in NYC and later in NC throughout the Triad and Triangle. When I'm not studying I'm typically chasing my active toddler around. But I also enjoy dancing/exercising, leisurely reading, movies, and hanging with family/friends.
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