Fun in the sun!

Hello dear readers,

This May I returned to my beloved Durham after a couple of years in Chapel Hill. While Chapel Hill is completely lovely and I was a blissful 5 minute walk to Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen, Durham is just totally the jam (for me. This isn’t a competition, folks). And last weekend Durham’s Pride Parade reminded me just how happy I am to be home. Let me set the scene—gorgeous day, sun’s shining, people are smiling, rainbows everywhere. I convinced a dear friend to make the trek from Carrboro and we strolled from my adorable neighborhood over to Ninth street where my amazing sister-in-law was saving us a table in front of Dain’s (while gracefully rocking some interstellar tights). This was one of those afternoons that you daydream about when you’re 15 and wanting to be an adult: front row seats, tater tots smothered in bacon and jalapenos and cheddar, friends and family everywhere, and really joyful people being really nice to each other. I don’t have any great insights to share, just the saccharine observation that connection and inclusion and celebrating one another feels great and can make us feel like life is a deeply gorgeous process. Now pictures:



And now the parade!



About Marie Funk

Hello, I'm in my second year of the 3-year Distance Education Program in the UNC-SSW. I'm originally from Norfolk, Va., but have grown to love North Carolina. My foundation field placement is in the Orange County Court System. My professional interests include the homeless population, those coming out of incarceration, and urban community development.
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