October at Carolina: Favorite Things

As an undergraduate student at UNC in the 2000s, October was always my favorite time of year to be a Carolina student, for many reasons: it finally starts to get cool at night (“crisp October nights”), football season is in full-swing, Late Night with Roy Williams ushers in the beginning of basketball season, and the leaves around campus start to turn autumnal shades of orange and red and yellow.

Tuesday morning my SOWO 845: Health Theory & Practice course was meeting at Ackland Art Museum for an exercise in observation, story exploration, and approaching cross-cultural competency. On the way there, I had time to grab a caramel apple cider and enjoy the changing scenery in Chapel Hill as I walked across parts of campus that I rarely see as a graduate student in the slightly chilly, fall-is-coming air.

It made me think of Charles Kuralt (one of the men for whom the School of Social Work’s building is named) and his wise words from UNC’s Bicentennial celebration in 1993.

Charles Kuralt was right. It’s not just the Old Well, or the belltower, or the crisp October nights I love so much. It’s the experience and the opportunity to better yourself and be able to help those around you. Also, The University of the People has a very social work sound to it…

But the upcoming basketball season, the change in weather, the exciting fall opportunities for hanging out with friends–these are the things that I’m relying on for my self-care now that the mid-semester crunch is starting to happen.

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