Fall is a time commonly known for falling, as the leaves fall from the trees and time falls back an hour. The fall is a beautiful time of the year where the transformation in the color of the leaves is picturesque. Although changes in leaf color and leaves falling to the ground seem magical, this magical scene is actually produced by a natural, intentional, and predictable process referred to as chloroplast. Each of the leaves colors are signs of the process:  brown – leaves are dying or dead, red and yellow-produced by the chemical presence of carotenoids, and red and purple produced by the chemical anthocyanins. This magical scene is an intentional process occurring in nature.

For many of us, entering this second half of the semester means more papers to read and write and an increase in field responsibility. During this exciting but busy time, we too can find relationships and activities falling from our lives in our attempt to achieve academic success by winter break.  However, similar to the natural, intentional, fall progression, we too can be intentional about relationships and activities in our lives. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Plan your work, and work your plan – the plan should include breaks. The number of breaks and length of the breaks should be based on assignment demands and due dates.
  2. Advise family and friends that this is a busy time of year, and assist them in setting realistic expectations regarding your availability.
  3. Don’t over extend yourself – most of us enjoy being helpful, but consider tempering additional commitments.

 Here’s to successful fallings!


About Theresa Bayless

Candidate M.Div/MSW, Direct Practice, Final Year
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