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My first year of field has been such a great experience.  I have enjoyed it so much I hardly recognized it was work; but indeed, it is work.  I couldn’t quite imagine how gloriously exhausting it would be.  Although I have had “new job” experiences and internships before, I have not previously experienced concurrent learning with a placement.  I have the opportunity of observing and applying classroom theories and also getting practical feedback from my field instructors regarding the application.  I now understand why field practicums in social work are considered the hallmark of our professional learning.  What I have grown to appreciate immensely this semester is the time that my field instructors are willing to give – all of which are voluntary.  In addition to my weekly 1-hour of supervision, the two of them have been available to answer questions, ponder thoughts, and discuss interventions.  Field Instructors are so critical to the survival of our species – Yes, I know, that is quite dramatic.  The level of dedication illustrates their willingness to continue professionalism in social work.  I am looking forward to carrying on this responsibility as a future social worker!



About AlexisOverstreet

I am a final year full-time student - formerly a part of the Winston-Salem Distance Education cohort. I am originally from Augusta, Georgia but I have lived in North Carolina for many years and now call it my home. My social work interests are advocacy for stigma-free mental health, Substance Abuse Clinical Practice for adults and adolescents, Motivational Interviewing and strengths-based practice, and severe and persistent mental illness. I am also interested in environmental justice issues along with advocacy for consumer rights.
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