Self care…more than a bath and some cardio!


“Self care” is a common phrase around TTK, but what does it really mean?  I know when I first got to SW school, I had never heard the term self care but I quickly came to understand its significance.  As I am sure you have read and hear in the blog posts of my fellow ambassadors, self care is very important.  It is just as the name implies, taking care of yourself.  Social work is incredibly demanding field and our primary tool is the self that we bring to the work.  I have to make sure I am taking the time I need to decompress and re-energize so I can bring my best to my patients.  I have a professor this semester who says “self care has to be more than taking a bath and going to the gym”.  That is SO true!  Of course, if baths and cardio are your thing, than definitely keep those in the mix.  For me, self care means really connecting with the things that bring me joy and energy.  My family came in town recently and I allowed myself to completely unplug from my MSW/school self.  Even if just for a few days, I was (almost) totally carefree.   Part of family weekend included a trip to the state fair!  I don’t ride any rides, but I cannot pass up an opportunity for funnel cake. To top off my sugar consumption, I treated my mom to a HOT krispy kreme donut, which she has never had.  (The keyword is HOT and if you have never had a krispy kreme donut when the light is on, make sure you add that to your list of things to do ASAP. J)  Of course, this level of “unplugging” and calorie consumption can’t happen every weekend, but it was wonderful to give myself this mini-vacation.  In order to bring my best self to my patients each day, I have to make sure I am taking care of myself.  As you think about graduate school, make sure you too are thinking about those people, hobbies, and adventures that are keep you grounded and re-energize you after a long or challenging day.  While graduate school may be demanding, taking a little “me” time is always important and having a little fun never hurt anyone!!    ~Courtney


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