I really don’t have time for this.

That’s what I’ve been thinking pretty much every day for the past two weeks. “I don’t have time” to walk the dog. “I don‘t have time” to sit quietly with my partner. “I don’t have time” to call my parents. It is mid-semester, and with all of the assignments now coming due and no more hours in the day–well, except for that one last Sunday–I am in a constant state of just getting by with all of my school, professional, and personal commitments. This deep in the weeds, it seems like time is not on my side. 


But here is the truth: I do have time. I have all of the time in the world for the things that I prioritize. Rather than whining about a shortage of time, I should be reminding myself that for the moment I am not prioritizing the dog walk, the quiet time, the call home, or the thank you note. Instead, I am temporarily prioritizing my school work. This is fine. For now.

Every now and then things will get a little out of whack, but we really must remain mindful of our priorities. Pretty soon, the papers will be written, the group work will be complete. The question is, after the mid-semester push, will we return to the things that really matter to us? Will we consciously decide to prioritize our families, our hobbies, and the things that make us feel whole?

We should. I should. Starting now. It’s time to walk the dog.


About Debbie Hughes

I am a second-year full-time grad student in the MSW program with an emphasis in Community Management and Policy Practice. I hope to carry what I learn at Carolina into a career in social justice advocacy.
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