How Do You Say Thanks?

Whereas every day I try to remember to be thankful, I am especially mindful of being thankful during this Thanksgiving season. As a clinical social worker, I am exposed to people with varying degrees of pain, hurt, and disappointment in their lives. My clients’ lives saddening my heart and driving my intensity to search for evidence based interventions and resources. Each day increasing my awareness of how much more I should be grateful regarding things I might otherwise take for granted, such as being able to tie up my shoes, having a place to call home, and having the presence of mind to know I have family that loves me. Even throughout my day as a social worker in the Emergency Department, I find myself whispering a prayer of thankfulness, as I prepare to help families manage life demanding traumas. This is a time of the year where each of us is reminded to be thankful and to give thanks.

It is a time of the year for not only inner reflections of thankfulness, but a time to express our thankfulness to others. Inspirational maxims writer William Arthur Ward said, “Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.” There are many ways in which one can outwardly express one’s thankfulness this coming Thanksgiving season, and some of them are:

• Write a handwritten thank you note – handwritten notes are particularly nice during this age of texting and emailing
• Take the time to actually listen – the gift of your presence is priceless
• Gift you to a charitable organization in your community, such as helping to feed the homeless
• Remember that little things still make a big difference

For me, it is a time of the year where I will do a little of all of the above, and I especially take the time to tell God thank you!

However you say THANKS, take a minute to express your thankfulness!


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