The Beginning of the End

This past week marks the beginning of my last semester as an MSW student at UNC. In the final year of the MSW program, especially in the spring semester, students have a lot of flexibility in the selection of their courses, taking classes that pertain to their professional and practice interests.

Among the six classes I am taking this semester are a policy course on Health Access and Health Disparities, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mental Health Recovery, Social Work Practice with Groups, an independent study focusing on adults with severe mental illnesses, and a research methods class. I’m really excited to be starting all of these classes and plan to cherish this last opportunity to learn from some amazing instructors who have great experience in practice and research on the topics that they teach.

Which brings me to my real reflection point here at the beginning of the end: I have been so fortunate with the faculty that I have studied under during my MSW. Three of the classes I am taking this semester are with two instructors that I have had multiple times in the program, Laurie Selz-Campbell and Marty Weems, and I am lucky to be working with my faculty advisor, Anne Jones, on a series of brown bag lunches regarding group work as well.

As much as I recognize that my peers, my friends from this program, my field instructors, and my clients have been a big part of my learning experience thus far, I have to acknowledge that the high quality of instruction at UNC School of Social Work is what has really made this education count for me.

For some reason, being in a classroom with these instructors (and the many classmates that I have had so many classes with so far) makes me think of the Golden Girls theme song. So we’ll end on that note.

Happy 2014, everyone!


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