Smashing Smorgasbord Semester!

Winston Family      As a Distance Education student, I am taking my last semester of classes as a part-time student.  Next, year, I will be a full-time student traveling to Tarheel-ville and taking my final round of classes before graduating in 2015.  It is somewhat an emotional semester as the prospect of separating from my cohort family constantly looms.  We have been together for two years and have all (in some fashion or form) suffered some level of anxiety, discouragement, or doubt about school or life in general.  I feel like we are a cohesive group; if class starts and one person is absent, something is not quite right in the universe – seriously.

Family Services      On the same token, the looming prospect of detachment is somewhat overshadowed by my field placement – as this is the last semester of my Foundation Field Placement.  During the first semester I was introduced to the agency, learned the dynamics of Family Services, became more familiar with my Field Agreement, and was exposed to some clinical work at Family Services.  For this last semester, it appears that the term “concurrent” will apply more so than the previous semester.  I am looking forward to applying some evidence-based practices and social work interventions (my two classes for this semester) into my field. Actually, I have already incorporated some evidence-based practice processes into a safety audit macro project for my placement – talk about concurrent!

In addition, I am in the midst of choosing my concentration plan – basically deciding whether I will plan for direct- or macro-related classes for my final year.  As I am contemplating the Substance Abuse Certification, it looks like direct practice will be the path for me.  As if this were not enough, I have been putting some serious thought into my Concentration Field Placement – asking questions like what type of agency would I like to be a part of? What additional skill set do I want to focus on? Do I want my concentration placement to be similar to or different from my foundation placement? and so on.  With all of these happenings and decisions on the horizon – including class readings, assignments, seminar, and… life – I feel adequately prepared to handle it all.  As nonsensical as it sounds, it all conjures a bit of excitement that everything is finally falling into place.  After many years of deciding whether or not to apply to graduate school, making the decision and going through the application process, and then taking the infamous GRE, I feel as though my smashing smorgasbord of a semester is giving me momentum to complete a huge life milestone!  I believe I will relish in this array of happenings and decisions!



About AlexisOverstreet

I am a final year full-time student - formerly a part of the Winston-Salem Distance Education cohort. I am originally from Augusta, Georgia but I have lived in North Carolina for many years and now call it my home. My social work interests are advocacy for stigma-free mental health, Substance Abuse Clinical Practice for adults and adolescents, Motivational Interviewing and strengths-based practice, and severe and persistent mental illness. I am also interested in environmental justice issues along with advocacy for consumer rights.
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