Sometimes there is more than being a Student

Being an Advanced Standing Student, my time at UNC has been short lived. I am in disbelief that we are getting ready to move into March and 2.5 months from graduating. This past year has flown by and I have not accomplished nearly as much as I hoped to in graduate school. Graduate school is a time to not only expand your knowledge in the field of social work, but also a time to grow as an individual. One of the ways that I have grown is learning that in order to take care of others, I first have to take care of myself. I often find myself engaging in self-care activities on weekends. The following suggestions are recommendations for all graduate and non-graduate students to participate in and grow as individuals together.

  • Take a trip to Asheville and participate in the NC-NASW conference– One of my favorite memories this year was road tripping to North Carolina, renting a cabin in the mountains, and hearing the passions of many social workers through NC at the NASW conference. It was a great weekend that allowed me to grow as a social worker while also building relationships with some great classmates; the scenery wasn’t bad either.
  • Attend a UNC Basketball Game– As a UNC student, you receive free tickets to all sporting events. Due to my schedule, I was only able to attend one football and basketball game but it provided an experience and atmosphere that I will never forget!
  • Take a trip to the beach– One of the reasons why I love Chapel Hill is because of its accessibility to both the mountains and the beaches. I camped on the beach this summer and despite the gnats and high waters, we survived.
  • Attend live music at the Carolina Inn– Every Friday night, the Carolina Inn has live music and it is FREE (free is your favorite word as a graduate student).
  • Visit the Old Well– This may sound like an obvious activity but often times as social worker students, you forget to explore the other parts of campus. It took me four months to finally walk by the Old Well and drink out of the famous fountain. Another great way to see campus is through a scavenger hunt that is put on each year by Love Chapel Hill.
  • Maple View Farms– I have never been to Maple View Farms but I hear that their ice cream is to die for. Something that is still on my list to cross off before I graduate in May.
  • Cat’s Cradle– Another attraction that I have yet to attend but many of my social work peers speak highly of the concerts held at Cat’s Cradle.

About Emily

I am currently an Advanced Standing MSW student. My interests include school social work and military social work. I will be completing my field placement at Durham Public Schools throughout the 2013-2014 school year.
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