Supporting you 100%!

I had the pleasure to meet some pretty focused and intelligent ladies (and maybe one male, Lol!) last week in Chapel Hill.  The School of Social Work sponsored a diversity recruitment event and the ambassadors had a chance to meet and chat with future social work graduate students.  They represented state universities, HBCU’s, and smaller regional colleges; most were juniors in a BSW program.  This was the second year that the school sponsored the event and invited students to learn about the great program that UNC offers prospective students.  The opportunity to chat about my experience and answer questions reminded me of my zeal before starting my application process.  The only difference is that I had been out of school for about 10 years and these ladies (and gent) are currently enrolled in their BSW program.  The link that connects us (other than our interest in social work) is the support of the UNC School of Social Work Recruitment and Admissions Office.  Although the catalyst for each of us deciding to attend graduate school is different, the support I received and the support that they are now receiving from recruitment and admissions is the same.   The school has continued to support me (and my trusty cohort in Winston) through our entire graduate school process.  From the information session, to the free GRE prep session, to assistance with the application process and submission, to welcome weekend…to our own little personal distance education orientation in Winston-Salem, the level of support has been phenomenal and tremendously…hmmm, supportive! 

So, to the students who are considering UNC for your next stop in social work matriculation, the support you are currently receiving is a good omen!  And if there is one thing you will learn throughout your graduate school journey – it will be a genuine appreciation of those who work to support you. I look forward to seeing and chatting with some of you again!



About AlexisOverstreet

I am a final year full-time student - formerly a part of the Winston-Salem Distance Education cohort. I am originally from Augusta, Georgia but I have lived in North Carolina for many years and now call it my home. My social work interests are advocacy for stigma-free mental health, Substance Abuse Clinical Practice for adults and adolescents, Motivational Interviewing and strengths-based practice, and severe and persistent mental illness. I am also interested in environmental justice issues along with advocacy for consumer rights.
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