Vision Boards, Taco Trucks, and Salsa Dancing: A Quick Note on Self-Care

As the fall semester begins picking up steam, I know many are beginning to feel the pressure mount. Amidst the readings, assignments, clients, and various other things that fill our days (and nights), it can be challenging to find time for it all. Even with the best time management and discipline, things like sleep and a social life are scarce commodities. As an advanced standing student, our cohort was immersed into the program by the “baptism by fire” method during our six-week summer bridge course and second summer session. After a 2 ½ week break, along came the fall semester, and we’ve been rolling with the punches ever since.

Now I must say that though it is demanding, my experience at Carolina has been absolutely amazing. There are still times when I sit in class and am amazed to be receiving instruction from instructors with such a wealth of knowledge and depth of research and field experience. Through my classes and field placement, I am exploring new interests and challenging myself daily. I can honestly say that even in these few short months, I am quite a different professional and person than I was when I walked through the doors of the Tate-Turner-Kuralt building on May 12, and I am looking forward to who I will be on May 10, 2015 (GRADUATION DAY!!).

With all of that being said, there are still days when it gets downright HARD!! For me, balancing four classes (thankfully one’s an audit), my field placement, and a part-time job, though all awesome, isn’t always easy. Whether you’re a senior in undergrad, a professional in the field, or anywhere in between, I think we can all relate. However, in the midst of all of our hard work, I think it’s absolutely necessary that we take time out for SELF. Yes, as social workers, we are often the champions of everyone but ourselves, but if we are to experience longevity in the field (and in life period!), it’s critical that we remember this word that we often skim past in our textbooks: SELF-CARE. 🙂

So in the midst of reading, studying, typing case notes and meeting minutes, go ahead, take that hike along the Eno River… go out with your friends and salsa dance terribly in front of strangers…go, do something! Even the small things count. And return with a mind renewed and will resolved that you CAN do this. The research paper, the difficult client, and yes, even the grad school application essays. You’ll thank yourself later. 🙂

Just a Few Moments my Personal of Self-Care:



Burrita from a Taco Bus in Carborro


Vision Boards!!

Salsa Dancing Pic 1

Salsa Dancing at Cuban Revolution (thank God I wasn’t in motion here!)


About Capricia Davis

I am an Advanced Standing student in the MSW program. I am from Hope Mills, NC and have lived in NC my whole life. My interests are: poverty and homelessness, sexual abuse awareness and advocacy, community-based interventions, and the nonprofit sector. I also have a passion for social justice and empowering women and disadvantaged groups. I love writing, drawing, and anything that lets my creativity come alive!
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